Introducing NX Life

Warranty Coverage

All NX Life devices come with a Enhanced Replacement Program.

Always Affordable

All NX Life products are carefully priced to be attainable by anyone who wants a pre-owned, must-have device.

Meticulously Graded

All NX Life devices are thoroughly reviewed by our team of experts. If they're not top quality devices, they won't end up in your hands.

Why look to NX Life?

  • Cost Effective

    An excellent choice for budget-conscious customers who still want a stylish, modern phone.

  • In Great Condition

    It’s hard to believe these are pre-owned devices.

  • Fully Functional

    With all the capabilities set by the original manufacturer.

Peace of mind included

Warranty Coverage

All NX Life devices come with a Enhanced Replacement Program.

25-point Inspection

All NX Life devices undergo our stringent 25-point inspection.

  • Camera
  • Cosmetic
  • Display
  • Audio
  • Sensor Tests
  • Battery
  • Keypad
  • Connectivity


  • Where can I buy NX Life products?

    NX Life devices will soon be available in three key European markets: UK, Norway, and Sweden. As global wireless needs evolve, so too will NX Life’s availability throughout the world.

  • Will NX Life offer more devices in the future?

    Yes. The NX Life range of products will continually evolve to meet consumer demand for the world’s most sought-after mobile devices. NX Life will also be introducing an exciting range of targeted accessories to complement our phones.

  • What's covered in the 25-point inspection?

    The inspection covers just about everything you look for in a high-quality device. Not only do we perform a thorough cosmetic evaluation of every phone, we also perform a series of functionality tests on its battery, connectivity, display, audio, camera, keypad, and sensors.

  • Because NX Life devices are pre-owned, will I find old data on them?

    Absolutely not. All devices we review have any old data securely and permanently wiped. NX Life devices are restored to their original manufacturers’ settings, making them feel as if you’re the only hands that have ever used them.

  • Is NX Life an eco-friendly brand?

    Yes. Because we’re giving pre-owned devices a new life, we’re helping keep hundreds of thousands of pounds of e-waste out of landfills each year.

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